System Requirements

Mend SAST® is a cross-platform solution supporting Linux, Windows, and MacOS (Intel and ARM) as well as container solutions such as Docker / Kubernetes.

The table below lists the system requirements for the Mend SAST Command Line (CLI) client.


Mend SAST® utilizes multi-core processing with SAST analysis. 4 cores or more are recommended for optimal Mend SAST® performance.


8GB of RAM or more are recommended for optimal Mend SAST® performance.


No relevant requirements.

Operating System


Microsoft Windows: Recommended Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 and higher

Linux: Any modern Linux distribution

MacOS (Intel and ARM): Any recent Mac model.
NOTE: On MacOS, you must install Docker before configuring Mend SAST.

Internet Access


Mend SAST is a SaaS product. You need internet access to use the web UI and to upload the results of your local security scans to the server. Please note that this will not upload the source code of your applications. Only minimal snippets are uploaded that help you to understand a reported finding.

Supported Browsers


·       Google Chrome

·       Mozilla Firefox

·       Microsoft Edge

·       Apple Safari

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