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This topic explains how to manage the license of a library in your inventory.

Overriding a License

To override a license, do as follows:




In the License panel, click Override. The Assign License dialog box is displayed.,


Click Override All, and select a license, enter a liability reference (homepage, document, etc. that will make others understand why you've selected this license), and additional comments. In License Text (Optional), you can manually override the text to your library's specific license text.


To add or remove a license reference, click Create Reference. Add as described above or click Remove.


To simply remove a license reference, from the Assign Licenses dialog box, click Remove next to the license you want to remove.


Click OK. Note that the license has changed along with the reference and information which now displays the name and new Liability Reference.



This license change will be applied only in the scope of your organization.

Reverting a License

To revert back to the license identified by Mend, do as follows:

  1. In the license panel, click Revert. The Revert License dialog box is displayed.

  2. Click OK. The license is reverted.

Assigning License Information

License information is identified and assigned on a per-component basis.  This information can be based on several types of open-source information resources:

  1. Embedded

    • License text file

    • Comments

    • Header

  2. Manifest

    • Readme file

    • Metadata (e.g. pom.xml, package.json)

Selecting a License

There are some cases when Mend will detect 2 license assignments (see example below).  The first license (BSD) was identified via the license text file, which is an embedded (observed) resource.  The second license (MIT) was identified via the package.JSON file, which is a manifest (declared) resource. 

Each user can then select the preferred license by clicking 'change'  and assign the specific license to the organization's needs.  This change will be added to the effective license report. They can even revert back to the original license assignments if necessary as well.  


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