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Before you run your first scan, read Command Line Client .

Scans are run from the CLI, as follows:

To run a scan, set the --app parameter to the name of the application that you are scanning (which will be automatically created in your SAST dashboards) as well as the --dir parameter if it is not already set through the interactive advanced configuration.

Command line parameters can override any configuration set in JSON files. For example:


wscli --app "MyFirstApp" --dir "C:\projects\myproject"

You can set the scan parameters (for example, the application name or directory) either in the command line, as environment variables, or in the wscli-config.json JSON file.

The CLI and engine logs will be automatically submitted to the SAST server, but if you want to manually review them, they are located under the users HOME directory (%USERPROFILE% on Windows and $HOME on Linux), in the .sastcli/logs directory.

You can run wscli with the --help parameter to get more information about supported command line parameters.

Directly after a scan begins, its scanning state will be visible in the Scans tab of the Dashboard.This page is available at Mend’s new Knowledge Hub, here: Running a Scan