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Ensure the following:

  • Codespaces is enabled in your GitHub Organization and a codespace is created for a chosen repository

  • A valid license for Mend for Developers

  • A license key for Mend Advise for IDE, available via one of the following options:

    • If you do not have direct access to the Mend Application, obtain the license key from your Mend Administrator.

    • If you have access to the Mend Application, do as follows:
      NOTE: This option is only available when using Mend Advise version 20.11.1 or later.

      1. Go to the Mend Application.

      2. Open the Profile page.

      3. In the Mend Advise - IDE Integration section at the bottom, select your organization.

      4. Copy your personal license key to be used later in Activating Mend Advise.

  • NPM and/or NuGet Package Manager must be used in the repository from which a codespace was created.



Mend Advise for Visual Studio Code documentation covers all features and instructions for the Mend Advise for GitHub Codespaces.


This page is available at: